Entertainment Consulting:  We consult on all facets of the Music Industry. We specialize in connecting our clients with people they need to know and people that need to know them. We assist our clients with creating/developing Artist Names, Image, Song Concepts & Artist Development to Graphic Design, Packaging, Marketing/Promotions & Digital/Physical Distribution. We will point you in the right direction and/or set everything up for you. We also look for Paid and Non-Paid tour & performance opportunities along with vending opportunities to help sell & promote your new material and merchandising items.

Marketing and Promotion Services:  We provide Internet/Street/DJ Campaigns (MP3 Delivery/Physical)/Club/Radio(Internet, Community, College, P1, P2)/Retail (Digital/Physical) Promotions for Independent Labels, Major Labels, Distribution Companies, Individual Artists, Clubs and other entertainment based organizations.  We also provide services for non-entertainment companies and non-profit organizations as well.  Exposure and a buzz will be created.  Our goal is to make you “Seen, Heard, and Felt!”

Social Media Management & Strategy:  We assist you with setting up and launching your Social Media Agenda and establishing your online presence. With the business world continuing to explore the digital universe, BREG will help position ­­­­­­­­­you and your company to take advantage of the growing digital business landscape and secure your piece of the market. Our advice and guidance will assist you in developing the proper online marketing & promotion strategy to accomplish your goals.

Business Development:  In this economy and ever-changing marketplace, looking into new business opportunities and income streams is a must!  BREG is experienced in bringing people and entities together to create new profitable business ventures and to help grow and expand existing companies.  BREG also has experience in the Network-Marketing Industry where "Residual Passive Income" is the result of a well executed business marketing system.

Public Relations/Public Information Specialists:  We provide 24/7 on-call Public Relations support for construction, sewer re-hab and any other projects where community notification is needed along with ongoing community communication.  As Public Information Specialists, we are efficient in researching property ownership and obtaining signed "Right of Entry's" (ROE's).  We serve as the point of contact for citizen inquiries & complaints, and we take pride in responding to those inquiries & complaints promptly & completely.

Notary Public Services:  As an Appointed & Sworn in Notary Public, a BREG representative will witness or attest signature or execution of deeds and other written instruments & notarial acts as authorized by the State of Georgia.  

Merchandising:  We help our clients choose and produce strategic quality items that are used as promotional giveaways or items to sell.  Either way, we assist you in using merchandising to “Brand”!

Music Management and Production Services:  As management & consultants, we guide and advise in a manner that maximizes your potential.   We are business coaches.  Our team of Producers and Writers will provide the tightest beats, the catchiest jingles, and well written-arranged songs to fit your artists’ style and image!  Our background in video production allows us to create a great video starting with the treatment to the final edited version.  Our Team of Experienced DJ’s will provide the perfect sound backdrop for Corporate, Private, Club and Event Parties.  We also supply DJ Services for Family Reunions.

*Customized packages can be put together to maximize your artists’ project!

Graphic Design & Solutions:  Our graphic Design Team will provide top quality graphic design services to help you accomplish your goals.  From flyers, posters, CD covers to magazine covers, etc.  “Presentation is everything!”