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I am writing to express my sincere gratitude for everything B. Brown has done for me to help support my music movement as well as supporting me as a young black entrepreneur. It’s not often that you meet people who have the ability to foster change in your life without being intrusive, but he is one of those magnificent people. He has been there for me as a manager and friend in my lowest and highest moments. In neither moment did he criticize or judge, he simply provided guidance and shared his life experiences with me that mirrored my own in an effort to help me grow. He makes a difference and hopefully one day the world will be able to share in the joy that he bring others. He has a gift that no amount of money can buy!




Jim Harri$$


Barry, Trey is going to the United States Coast Guard Academy to play baseball. We just got the final word from admissions. You played a big part in this journey as one of his coaches. Thank you!

*His son, Trey Rittenhouse (a 2015 High School Graduate) played on my Travel Baseball Team ... The Georgia Monarchs!


Good Morning Mr. B. Brown,

It is my hope that this email finds you doing wonderful on this beautiful Friday. I must first apologize for the time it has taken for me to reach out to you after the wonderful Creekside basketball banquet. Once again, thank you for your time and sacrifice to pour wisdom into our students. I know they acted like they weren't taken it in but I know they were. I even saw some parents taking notes. Just know that because of you and your generosity and transparency, you made our first official banquet a huge success and a special day to remember!!! --- Yolander M. Heard (Fulton County Education Foundation)


OMG! Barry Brown, I am thankful for all you and Cymande Bryant did for my baby .. It should all pay off soon! I think signing day is in a few weeks! Xoxo!

*Her son, Jordan Griffin (a 2015 High School Graduate) played on my Travel Baseball Team ... The Georgia Monarchs!


Well I was right...... You were the person that I told Jason to watch because you had character and you loved Jesus and you loved your mama and it's easy to see that that hasn't changed! I've been sitting here this morning looking through your Facebook page and it literally almost makes me want to cry. It brings so much joy to see when the people I knew as young teenagers continue to be The same......except better! Thank you for continuing to let people know who you are in Christ. I know your mom is so proud. I hope you have the Happiest Birthday ever!!! I remember ........ 

Mrs. Cindy Bryant (*I played high school football with her son, Jason Bryant at Morrow High School.)


Hey Barry Brown, me and MrJazz Scoreboard had a ball talking with you ...The Student-Athlete Playbook should be in every young persons' hands ... pls come again!!!

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Mr. Brown, I just wanted to say thank you again for your work with South Fulton School Athletic Programs, we really appreciate what you’re doing! The kids said they had a great experience yesterday!  I will definitely have some boys basketball signees for you next year!

Coach Welsh

Langston Hughes High School

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I am very proud of the awesome work you are doing on behalf of young people!

Mrs. Lydia Glaize
Mayor Pro-Tem of Fairburn, GA

Response from The Student-Athlete Achievement Program Text Msg. System

"Awesome presentation!  It's a priceless moment when your 14 year old says, 'Mom, thank you for making me attend the workshop. I needed it, and learned a lot!!!'"

"He whined and whined and whined. And I ignored him and kept walking to the auditorium, made him put up the headphones and move to the front. Directly afterwards he said, 'Mom, thank you for making me stay' ... I almost had a heart attack. Lol."


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Thanks for a great night at the "NCAA ELIGIBILITY WORKSHOP" @ Mays High School (Metro Atlanta, GA)!!!  We look forward to having the "STUDENT-ATHLETE ACHIEVEMENT PROGRAM" team back in the spring!

Mr. Harold Beasley
Chick-Fil-A Play It Smart Coach @ Mays High School

Facebook Post

Barry, I watched this whole video (Coach Brown speaking at his Alma Mater, Morrow High School), and I could not stop smiling remembering those stories. I just have to let you know that I am so damn proud of you!  You helped shape me into who I am.  Being around you, and watching you and my brother was a highlight of my youth!  Keep doing what you do big brother!

- Temeika Hastings-Strong

Facebook Messenger

Barry, I look forward to your post every day man!  Your commitment to Christ, and the development of young kids is unmeasurable!  I hope all is well with you and your family!!

- Jeff Feltman (Coach Brown's Morrow High School Classmate, Baseball Teammate & Neighbor)

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The Student-Athlete Playbook featuring Barry Brown hits #1 on the Best Sellers List.

Mr. Barry Brown, an energetic, animated and experienced solution-based consultant, speaker and trainer hit #1 on the College Guides Category Best Sellers List on 11th May, 2017 for the promotion of The Student-Athlete Playbook. The book also ranked No. 1 in the Sports & Outdoors and No.2 in the Sociology of Sports categories.

The Student-Athlete Playbook (Success in the Classroom, Sports & Life!) shares vital information about who is and what is a student-athlete. The book also discusses how student-athletes should grow and conduct themselves.  Character matters!

Parents, student-athletes, teachers, coaches, athletic directors, principals, and superintendents will all find value in the inspiration and motivation of this book that focuses on character education, life and social skills.

The Student-Athlete Playbook aims to provide an outline of “life plays” that will absolutely help a student-athlete achieve their goals when they focus and put forth maximum effort to make it happen!

The Student-Athlete Playbook is a game changer for student-athletes involved in sports across the board, and it encourages them to work towards achieving greatness in the classroom, in their respective sport and in everything that they do in life!

Barry Brown states, “A Student-Athlete is a person that takes their education and the opportunity to learn as serious as their athletics and the opportunity to develop as a top level athlete. Becoming a best-selling author allows me and ‘The Student-Athlete Achievement Program’ team to reach and help more student-athletes!”

Due to the work Mr. Brown and his team have done, and continue to do with youth, he has been awarded the “2017 Torchbearer Award” by Georgia State Rep. Sharon Beasley-Teague! Mr. Brown’s experience as a student-athlete, artist, educator and entertainment consultant gives him a great perspective that allows him to relate to parents, youth, coaches, teachers, administrators and superintendents of today, and inspire them!

To learn more about Barry Brown and “The Student-Athlete Achievement Program,” visit

The Student-Athlete Playbook is available on in Paperback and Kindle at

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"You are doing your part.  God is truly working through you. You are helping so many young people." - Mrs. Warmack (Educator; Has one son Chance Warmack in the NFL with the Philadelphia Eagles & another son, Dallas Warmack at the University of Alabama)